About Us

The Big Clean was created after a few craft beers and an idea that all people deserved to be treated fairly and with respect. The founders of The Big Clean had witnessed first hand dealing with cleaning companies and vowed to break the tyrannical hold of the cleaning overlords. We said, let us pay people at least the living wage, if not more. 

But we were not done, We stepped it up a level.

Passionate about our beautiful slice of the world,  we wanted to help make it better than yesterday. The Big Cleans actions speak louder than words so all the products we use are environment friendly.  

But we were not done, We stepped it up a level.

We said, you know what would be great, if after all the cleaners are paid, we should make it a non profit company and put all the profit back into big cleaning projects around the country. We will even let the people who hire the cleaners decide what projects to do.  

Become part of The Big Clean, Step it up a level.