Why did you start The Big Clean?
The founders of the movement had enough of watching people being treated poorly and underpaid in an essential industry.  The only way to change something you don’t like is to act. So that’s what we are doing.

I just made my booking what happens now?
One of our dedicated cleaning managers will contact you to discuss your cleaning booking. This is so we can send the right people, the right kit, and create a comprehensive checklist that is completed for each job.

I booked my cleaners for 3 hours but I think it might take longer or shorter?
When our dedicated cleaning manager calls you, they will discuss the job. Often we are replacing existing cleaning services so you will already know how long it will take.  If, after consultation with the booking manager you decide to alter your booking we will adjust it for you.


Can I check in on my booking?

We will supply a checklist of completed cleaning tasks so you know you are getting the best cleaning value.  As The Big Clean evolves, you will be able to see this happening in real time if you aren’t on the cleaning site.

Can I get involved in the big clean projects?
Of course! After big clean project is chosen and the date is set, we will contact each person who has booked the big clean and offer them the opportunity to get involved. We will also setup reminders and notices on our social media so that even if you haven’t booked the big clean, you can still get involved.

How do you return all your profits to the big clean initiatives?
Once we have paid staff, consumables and some lean running costs, we put it all back into cleaning up our little slice of paradise. Once a big clean is selected we put the funds into that project.

I need a lot of cleaners for a big project or event?
We have dozens of on call cleaners and access to a large casual pool of cleaners. We have supplied some of the biggest events hosted in the Otago region.  If you fall into this category let us know as our booking system taps out at 10 cleaners for normal users.