Getting involved with The Big Clean

What other ways could you help? Besides just using The Big Clean cleaning service that contributes to the projects you vote for, we would love to chat to you if you feel you can partner with us to help The Big Clean initiatives. Maybe you have an idea for something that needs a big clean, or maybe you have some products that can be used to help our environment. 

You could also get involved by our pay it forward concept. Buy a cleaning voucher for someone else and save the world at the same time!

Partner with Us

Have an Impact, Jump on board, We want to partner with people and organizations that support what we stand for.  Reach out to us via the contact page and lets catch up.

Pay it forward

It's really simple, Make a booking and select the voucher option. We will deliver an electronic voucher to you that you can pass onto whomever you like to use The Big Clean. When they redeem their voucher you get to vote on what big clean project happens.

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